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Our Services | Financial Planning

Assessing your current and future financial condition can be a complicated endeavor. Our team at Boston Wealth Management believes that every individual should have a sense of his/her current financial condition and a plan to achieve his/her financial goals. Antoine de Saint-Exupery stated it clearly that “a goal without a plan is just a wish”. Our team at Boston Wealth Management believes that this quote is true. Boston Wealth Management wants to assist our clients in making their wishes a reality through comprehensive analysis and planning. As Benjamin Franklin stated “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Boston Wealth Management’s Retirement Readiness Analysis is constructed through a comprehensive analysis of the individual’s current and future financial condition. The client completes a comprehensive financial planning questionnaire. The answers to that questionnaire and the in-depth interview our team has with the candidate is used to complete the Retirement Readiness Analysis. The analysis evaluates the client’s:

  • Income Sources
  • Current and Future Expense Needs
  • Special Expense Needs (College, Vacation, Cars, etc.)
  • Net Worth
  • Asset Allocation
  • Portfolio Diversification
  • Portfolio Performance
  • Insurance Coverage

Through the review of the analysis, our team at Boston Wealth Management will provide recommendations on:

  • Portfolio Construction and Asset Allocation Strategies
  • Pre and Post Tax Contribution Strategies
  • Distribution Strategies to Minimize Tax Implications
  • Life and Long-Term Care Insurance Strategies
  • Estate Planning Strategies

Boston Wealth Management charges an initial flat fee charge for our Retirement Readiness Analysis. Future updates to the financial plan and the generation of a new Retirement Readiness Analysis report are offered at a reduced rate. Boston Wealth Management believes that all individuals should have a holistic and comprehensive analysis and investment plan.  Furthermore, individuals should review and reassess their financial condition at least every 5 years. Through thoughtful analysis and careful planning, we can assist our clients in reaching their retirement goals. 

Financial Plan

Creation of a Personal Financial Plan to provide you with an enhanced understanding of the interrelation of the various parts of your wealth leading to projections in areas reviewed with a Portfolio Manager and other BWM professionals as needed, including:

  • Cash flow
  • Net worth over time
  • Monte Carlo analysis – value of investments
  • Inflation impact
  • Required Minimum Distributions – IRA
  • Asset allocation strategy
  • Roth IRA conversion comparison
  • Estate strategy impact
  • Education analysis
  • Projected income

Documents needed: Financial Planning Questionnaire